Terror Trails

Frequently Asked Questions 

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To Purchase Tickets:

Click on "Tickets" above and follow the link to our Simple Tix site.  You will be able to select your event date and accommodation type during the check out process.  All checkouts are done through the security of Paypal.  Be sure to print the E-Ticket generated at the end of the purchase for admisssion to the event.



Camp officially opens at 8pm.  From 8pm-9pm, campers will be given time to find their tent/cabin, unroll their sleeping bags, eat dinner, and meet the fellow brave souls partaking in this adventure. 


Campers will not be able to enter the campsite prior to 8pm and will not be allowed in after 9pm.  No exceptions.


**Photo ID & printed ticket are required at check-in


Departure is at 9am.



This year's Terror Trails is being held at the beautiful Camp Cedarcrest.  For directions, please click on "Location and Dates" above. 



As this is an all night event taking place in the darkness and woods, safety is of the upmost importance to Reaper House Entertainment.  Campers must follow the written and expressed rules of the event listed on this website or verbalized the night of the event.  If for any reason the rules cannot be followed and the event staff feels that the safety of the camp is compromised, security will ask you to leave.  These rules include, but are not limited to:


Disorderly conduct

Drunkeness or intoxication

Interfering in missions

Unapproved recording or photography


Destruction of proprety



Waivers will be available at Terror Trails during check in.


Waivers must be signed and turned in at check in before campers can participate.



What is Terror Trails?

Terror Trails is a thrilling overnight camping experience which immerses participants in a live horror story.


What Can I Expect?

Upon arrival, campers will join the Terror Trails crew in a good ol' fashioned BBQ.  During this time, campers will get to explore the campsite, unpack their belongings and get to know their bunkmates.


After the (last!?) meal, we will head to the campfire to hear the tale of the land.  This is not your average campsite, after all.   This land has history and a story to tell...


Campers will later be divided into small groups to complete missions designed to thrust you into the tale of the land and test your biggest fears.  


After an evening of fun, fright and challenges, time will be allotted for sleep.  BUT, beware of what goes bump in the night... the darkness is where much of the fun begins.


Once the sun has finally risen, a continental breakfast will be provided prior to departure.


Is the campsite REALLY haunted?

Maybe (who knows!?). 

Where Will I Sleep?

SLEEP????? Only if you DARE.  However, campers will be assigned 4 persons to a tent or 6 persons to a cabin.


If you purchase tickets as a group of 4 (tent) or 6 (cabin), you will be placed together.


If you book as a single or with an odd number of guests, you will be assigned to a tent/cabin with other campers.


If you would like to have your own tent, you must pay for the cost of all 4 tent spots.


If you would like to have your own cabin, you must pay for the cost of all 6 cabin spots.

(Book an entire tent or cabin and receive 10% off)


How Much Does It Cost?

$140 for 1 single tent accommodation.

$200 for 1 single cabin accommodation.


Can My Children Come?

17 and over. Friday, July 11 ONLY!

18 and over Saturday, July 12 NO EXCEPTIONS!


What Should I Bring?

All campers must bring:

-Printed ticket & photo ID

-Sleeping bag and pillow

-A flashlight (all campers MUST  have a flashlight with working batteries.

-Weather appropriate attire



-Additional non-alcoholic beverages (these must be stored appropriately per the campground's regulations and may not be consumed during the missions.)

-Snacks (these must be stored appropriately per the campground's regulations and may not be consumed during the missions.)


What Should I NOT Bring?




-Food/beverages that cannot be sealed tightly

-Electronic equipment (Reaper House Entertainment will not assume any responsibility to any electronic items that are damaged, lost or stolen while at camp.  The events of the night will include water and sensory deprivation, which could damage electronic equipment.



Will Tickets Be Available For Purchase At The Event?

In order to ensure that all participants get the full experience there is a limited number of spots available per night.


If all tickets are NOT booked online prior to the event, the remaining spots WILL be available for purchase at the event.  However, we HIGHLY encourage you to purchase your tickets ahead of time.  We cannot guarantee any spots the night of the event.


Can I Leave If It Is Too Intense?

Yes.  However, once you leave you will NOT be allowed to return to camp.


(Refunds are NOT available)